about us

nologo is an organization that believes in communication as a catalyst for change. nologo envisages a brandless world where communication dissolves the barriers fragmenting humanity, and induces a sense of togetherness and concern for each other. Over the last seven years of working for the development sector, we have documented wide range of issues such as Land, Livelihood, Education, Housing and Disaster Management across India.

We took our initial strides in communication for the development sector because we felt it was a domain which lay unfamiliar to the common man who is caught up in the cobwebs of his mundane life. We sought to portray the issues haunting the rural world in the most earnest way so as to create awareness and stimulate responses from people, belonging to every walk of life, thereby creating a link between these two detached worlds.

our team

Goutham Jho, creative head
Graduation in Mass Communication & Journalism
Post-graduation in Advertisement

Shalini Shashi, film maker & writer
Graduation in Visual Communication

Kumar, cinematographer
Graduation in Mass Communication & Journalism

Vimal, designer
Diploma in Multimedia

Rajesh, editor
Graduation in Visual Communication

our studio

Our studio located in Chennai, is an embodiment of what we stand for. It houses state of the art production and post production facilities to enhance and deliver a superior quality to all our production works.